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Breaking down the changes

The change that was announced said that users will now see less content from businesses, brands and media and more personal content from family and friends. Those personal stories that gain more comments, shares, and reactions will be given priority on your feed while marketing content will be pushed to the sidelines.

For businesses that depend on FB for a lot of their marketing, this could narrow their reach considerably. Facebook is also looking at penalizing the type of content that baits tagging, and commenting. Public content that asks you to “Tag that one friend who does this”, or “Type yes if you agree”, will get demoted to the bottom of the chain and would be less likely to get an audience. Engagement baiting will lose you points but personal stories that get lots of comments and interactions will get more views.

Facebook claims that this new algorithm is to heighten the personal experience of the platform and encourage more engagement between people.

What does this mean for businesses?

If your business depended largely on Facebook to reach existing and potential customers then your marketing strategy could take a hit. To work your way around this you will need to involve and influencer with a large following to help leverage your posts.

The content that you carefully designed for Facebook does not necessarily have to go to waste if you get the right person to help promote it. You will, however, need to be cautious so as not to draw too much attention to the fact that someone is promoting commercial content. If a regular user with a large following shares your post with a comment on how much they like your services, this could work if the shared post receives more comments and reactions.

What you don’t want is your company’s page or your influencer to get banned for trying to push commercial content onto users’ feeds.