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Video marketing will remain on top

In 2017, video marketing was the big winner, representing more than 75 percent of the world’s total internet traffic. That is a whopping figure, given how expansive the world wide web is. People are developing reduced attention spans, which is the biggest reason why video content is extremely effective in boosting sales compared to text-based matter.

Video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have helped business owners expand their brand recognition and reach millions of users across the globe. Vloggers and social media influencers will continue to ride on the success of video marketing well into the next decade.

Social media to continue to reign

Ever since the internet took over the world, there has been no looking back. Billions of people have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. While they primarily use these platforms to remain in touch with friends and family, they also rely on these websites to keep them informed of new happenings with their favorite celebrities and brands.

Some tech experts predicted that website like Facebook would have run out of juice by early 2010s, but it seems like they were far from the truth. Users, especially teenagers and young adults, have no intention of leaving social media platforms behind. They heavily rely on these websites and fashion bloggers, beauty gurus, celebrities, tech analysts, etc. thrive from the attention they receive on these platforms. No matter what your business is, creating a social media presence will ensure you a global audience with definite growth inbound traffic and a possible boost in revenue as well.

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Value, budget, and service cost to go up

As influencer marketing receives more attention, more businesses are keen on joining the show. This translates to increased demand, which in turn will create an increase in cost of services and value. Several large brands experimented with influencer marketing in 2017. Now that they have had a taste of how successful it has been, these brands will be more than willing to invest bigger budgets in influencer marketing this year.