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Long and short-term goals: Setting quarterly sales targets is not just good for the company but also important to measure the immediate success rate. However, it is not enough to just focus on the short term but on the medium and long term as well. Setting and monitoring the success of goals at different time intervals helps to not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Sales Strategy

Setting up Long and short-term goals

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Building a killer sales team: Building a sales team is not just about hiring the best employees for the job but also about keeping those employees motivated. There is enough information out there to show that overworked and stressed out employees under-perform. Creating a minimal stress work environment with good incentives is key to keeping the morale of the sales force up.

Sales Strategies

How to Build a killer sales team

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New technologies: Outsourcing a lot of the tasks to machines not only speed up analysis and other functions but also frees up employee time. This time can be better spent coming up with creative ideas and developing better sales strategies.

The client: We now have the ways and means to store and analyze client data to help us understand our clients better. Getting to know the client’s needs helps design a product or service that could serve them better. A client whose needs are being met will remain loyal to the company. To gain new clients every business has to understand the market and the new trends, new technologies can help in a big way to understand what new clients want.

Adding a personal touch: In this day an age of online transactions it is easy to never actually meet with your clients. If your business permits client interactions then try and schedule a face to face meeting at least once during the year. Live videos and video chats with your clients can also help to make things a little more personal and less mechanical.

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