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dark web hacker
Who all is watching you

Browsers such as Tor and Freenet which provide anonymity and encryption to their users are required to access the dark web. According to Iskander Sanchez-Rola at the University of Deusto, Spain, the dark web uses data such as pictures and other documents from surface websites. These files can easily be tracked from the surface site when a user loads them on their browser. This breaks the myth that using these browsers and other anonymity services makes you invisible on the dark web. Since it is also a breeding ground for unethical hackers, dark web users are advised to put a black tape over their webcam because your computer becomes vulnerable to hacking as the security options have to be disabled to access the dark web. It is not only the hackers that one should be wary of. Government agencies also monitor dark web activities to curb the illegal agendas floating within it.

How tracking in the dark web works

If you decide to access the dark web, you first have to disable your security options since Tor and other browsers would not work in tandem with them. The network of Tor is set up in such a way that it has layers and layers or relay nodes which help provide a layer of encryption for your connection. This is why it is also known as the ‘onion’ network. Even though your computer’s IP address is protected because of this, it is not untraceable. Government agencies monitoring the dark web and hackers can easily peel off these layers of the network to reveal your IP address and thus pin-point your computer’s location. Downloading a file on the dark web is also not advised as it may contain malware and give access to your private details to another party.

Steps to make sure no one follows you

Along with using an anonymity browser, it is imperative that one uses a virtual private network to access the dark web. This adds another protective layer from hackers since public networks are easier to hack. Always have your webcam covered and when downloading any file from the dark web, make sure you trust the source. Avoid dealing with anything that you find unethical or illegal. Make sure to check that your IP address cannot be tracked before, after and between every session. The dark web can be an intimidating place to manoeuver since most of it is used for illegal activities.