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1. Protect your identity – Do not give out any personal information on the dark web. Almost everyone who uses the dark web is tech-savvy and will be able to use any personal information to track you.

2. Get a well rated, paid VPN – Using TOR gives government agencies enough cause to search and seize your computer anywhere in the world. While they may not be able to see what you're doing, they will know that you are using TOR if you do not protect yourself with a VPN. Do not use any free VPNs.

3. Tape your webcam – It is common knowledge on the dark web that government agents and hackers can spy on you without your knowledge through your webcam. Covering your webcam using tape eliminates this threat.

4. Close all running applications- Applications like torrents must be closed before connecting to the dark web. Do not think that just pausing your torrents will keep you hidden. Shut down any background applications before connecting to the dark web.

5. Be a ninja – Do not comment on anything or speak to anyone. Regular Joes like you and me use the dark web, but it is also used by the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. They can and will find you if you draw attention to yourself, so the best advice is to keep your mouth shut.

6. Disable scripts – Scripts are always collecting information while we browse the internet. A hacker can use a script to plant malware on your computer as well as reveal your IP address and personal details.
Never assume you are safe on the dark web, there is always a risk that you can be detected. Do plenty of research before using TOR and try your best to make good, well thought out decisions. These are basic guidelines and not a comprehensive list. Be safe and good luck!