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The threat of keyloggers

Keyloggers do not pose any danger to the system itself and hence are not easily detected by typical anti-malware systems. Their ability to record and transmit keystrokes can cause severe damage to the victim. By gaining access to IDs and passwords of banks and email accounts, hackers can steal money, sensitive information and ruin private lives by wrecking their social media accounts.

The abuse of keyloggers is not just restricted to theft of money and personal data. Keyloggers, when installed in corporate systems, can steal proprietary information, documents classified by governments, product design details, patents, and other data that can fetch a high price in the black market. While it is easier for users to avoid typical malware and phishing content by being cautious and following basic security protocols, combating keyloggers is not so simple. The best way to remain safe from keyloggers is to have the latest version of the anti-virus software installed on the systems. Most of these anti-virus softwares have added various kinds of keyloggers into their database and can detect them. Some of the other ways of protection from keyloggers include- using two-step authentication or generating one-time-passwords, using a virtual keyboard or using devices with proactive protocols for protection against keyloggers. One time passwords are extremely helpful in protection against keyloggers as the passcode is changed during every login session.

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