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Common Mistakes Encountered in Implementing ITSM

In today's competitive markets, having a streamlined, and comprehensive structure for the management of IT services is crucial in maintaining high efficiency of operations. ITSM refers to the whole host of activities that are required for the refining of the ways in which IT delivers its services within an organization. It also aligns the IT services with the core goals of the enterprise. ITSM improves not only the IT Service within an organization but the daily processes as well.

technology forecasting

Technological Forecasting

Technology forecasting is the whole host of processes that allows individuals and businesses to predict future applications of existing technologies, processes and managerial techniques. Technology forecasting basically deals with currently existing technological parameters such as the technical performance of equipment, development of advanced better performing future machines, accuracy and precision of current instruments, and other technological factors.

One of the main things to remember about technological forecasting is that it is primarily concerned with application-based technologies. The intention here is the development of useful technology which can be used on a mass scale. It doesn't specifically focus on concepts and prototypes or luxury products.

artificial intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

With constant progress in the field of AI and machine learning, more and more services and processes are getting automated today. With the rise in demand for instant and accurate solutions, ITSM and its methodologies are getting automated. By minimizing human intervention and automating most of the routine tasks we not only reduce the number of errors but also save cost. Implementation of ITSM requires the alignment of your IT services with the core business goals of the company. An improvement in the service quality and efficiency in your IT services will have a major impact on your business.

With further progress in natural language processing and virtual assistants, service desk capabilities and incident management are being completely automated to provide continuous and fast service. Mentioned below are some of the major advantages of incorporating AI into your ITSM processes.

Business Model

How Technological Disruption Changes Everything

The digital transformation threatens to disrupt much of what we thought we knew about firm management and technology, resulting in a sudden crowd of players wanting access to management team and control over the IT budget. Who is providing the required technology vision and leadership in your firm? Is it just those with “CPA” after their name? Is this creating, rather than eliminating, silos? Does technology really matter?

Today, the group answering these questions may range from firm leaders and managers to internal and external IT professionals; service niche leaders; and marketing, client experience, analytics, innovation and other creative titles.