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2019: Cyber Security Threat Prediction

The Internet arguably has opened the doors to unlimited opportunities, however, it has also become a gateway for anti-social elements who won't let an opportunity to make quick bucks pass them by. Over the years, cyber-attacks have become more frequent and potent. No matter the walk of life you come from or the age group which you belong to, if you use the Internet, you are a potential target. Though cyber security professionals have come up with various ways to keep security threats at bay, hackers keep on finding a way around security measures. Every year hackers come up with new ways and ideas to steal invaluable data. To ensure your name does not feature in the list of cyber-attack victims, you need to update your knowledge base on cyber security threats. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some cyber security threats that are expected to wreak havoc on individuals and corporations in 2019. Read on.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Cloud Computing and their Benefits

Cloud computing today has become the most dominant way of acquiring IT infrastructure for businesses and infrastructure. Simply put, cloud computing is making all kinds of software services and tools via internet at all times. This allows companies to free up capital by not investing in a separate IT department. Today there are third-party cloud service providers who can look after all the software requirements from communication, network management to cyber security.

Common Web Server Vulnerabilities

Almost all services that are available on the internet today use servers to host and maintain their online services and web pages. Online shopping portals, bank platforms, social media and search engines all employ huge server farms. A web server basically stores all the information needed to run the operations. It consists of both hardware and software components. Hackers target the software part and search of vulnerabilities.

Backup Solutions

Local Backup Tips to Back Up Your Data Correctly

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