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Common Web Server Vulnerabilities

Almost all services that are available on the internet today use servers to host and maintain their online services and web pages. Online shopping portals, bank platforms, social media and search engines all employ huge server farms. A web server basically stores all the information needed to run the operations. It consists of both hardware and software components. Hackers target the software part and search of vulnerabilities.

What can a computer virus do? 

Computer viruses are common throughout the world of the internet. Security threats come in multiple forms and are designed to conceal their presence in a variety of ways. As developments in cybersecurity and encryption has developed, forms and vectors of cyber-attacks have also developed in order to keep up with the latest security measures and find the flaws in it. Some of the major varieties of computer viruses are mentioned below.


>> KGB Infects Machines With Evil PDF’s 

This new threat is so sophisticated it'll accept commands from ANY OTHER Attacker totally infecting your systems with multiple threats from a single PDF…

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Understanding the Threat and Risks of Rootkits

Rootkits are one of the most dangerous malware that burrow deep into systems and are incredibly hard to detect. They can easily conceal themselves to escape detection from anti-malware software and can even attack the kernel. Rootkits are primarily designed to evade detection.

Most viruses when they infect systems they immediately begin to cause damage which makes them easy to detect. Rootkits behave like slow poison and begin taking over the systems at a slow and undetectable pace.