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dark web hacker

How to Avoid Being Tracked & Followed

Mark Zuckerberg is not wrong to have his webcam covered with tape at all times. Imagine walking down a dark alleyway, somewhere you probably are not supposed to be and having this eerie feeling that someone is watching you. The dark web consists of content that is not indexed by formal search engines. Such content is only available with the help of special software and overlay networks or darknet. Accessing the dark web can be akin to walking in that scary alleyway.


How to Protect Yourself From Phishing 

Phishing attacks are usually focused on extracting sensitive information from the attacker’s victim. Such information can include usernames and passwords of accounts, bank and personal details and credit card details, all collected for sale or other forms of exploitation. Phishing attacks disguise themselves as honest emails or advertisements which tricks the user into opening a corrupt link or downloading malicious content.

Usual vectors include email-spoofing and messaging services which trick the user into opening a fake email which redirects the user to fake websites. Alternately, phishing websites can clone the appearance of other legitimate websites such as Facebook or bank portals and collects private information and login details when the user enters them.

what is the deep web

Things You Need To know Between Dark Web and Dark Net

The Internet or the World Wide Web is a giant place which consists of an enormous amount of information. All the information present on the Internet is not easily accessible by the users. Information is uploaded to one of the three layers of the Internet, based on its nature.  

artificial intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

With constant progress in the field of AI and machine learning, more and more services and processes are getting automated today. With the rise in demand for instant and accurate solutions, ITSM and its methodologies are getting automated. By minimizing human intervention and automating most of the routine tasks we not only reduce the number of errors but also save cost. Implementation of ITSM requires the alignment of your IT services with the core business goals of the company. An improvement in the service quality and efficiency in your IT services will have a major impact on your business.

With further progress in natural language processing and virtual assistants, service desk capabilities and incident management are being completely automated to provide continuous and fast service. Mentioned below are some of the major advantages of incorporating AI into your ITSM processes.