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Facebook's News Feed algorithm update is a wake-up call for business owners

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Back in the early days, we dreaded every change that was made to the look of the platform. Each new layout was met with resistance until we got used to the look and feel. Eventually, the changes stopped being quite so disruptive to our lives and we started taking them in our stride. Until now that is.

Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg announced a change is the Facebook algorithm which is going to affect the way content is displayed to users. While individual users could enjoy this new development, businesses that depend on FB for marketing need some new strategies.

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How to Access the Deep Web Anonymously

One of the networks with the most users on the dark web is known as TOR. TOR was built to protect its user's privacy, and it did succeed until law enforcement got involved. TOR isn't only used for illegal activities; it has been used by journalists to aid in exposing oppressive governments while evading censorship. TOR has even been endorsed by the United States Justice Department for use by federal judges who are working on sensitive and controversial cases. TOR is still considered a very safe network, but in 2018 staying undetected relying solely on TOR for protection can get you into trouble very quickly indeed.

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The Most Common Types of Cyber Security Attacks

While it is important to have an awareness of the latest cyber-threats and malware, there is often a gap between the latest threats that are out there and the most common attacks that plague company. The reality indicates that companies face a fixed set of patterns in the varieties of attacks they encounter.

Businesses large and small use a common type of software and similar communication channels. They have fixed loopholes and backdoors that hackers often exploit. Hence, being aware of the standard malware and cyber threats can help businesses protect their data better. Read on to know more about some of the common forms of cyber-attacks faced by individuals and businesses today.

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Steps to Improve Network Security

The growing threats of ransomware and information theft especially for companies and businesses have come as a trade-off to the adoption of better technologies. With the centralization of databases and automation of activities, more and more business-operations are becoming dependent on computers and software technologies. These systems while designed to be secure, often have vulnerabilities and backdoors due to oversight and human errors.

Businesses have large repositories of extremely sensitive information. Some of the critical sets of information that a company handles includes: names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card information, customer opinions and background information and account information among others. Understandably, it is extremely important to protect such data against theft and have guidelines in place that prevent its abuse. Any incident of a security breach involving such critical data can not only cause widespread damage to customers but also ruin the reputation of a brand beyond repair.