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Tips to Improve Your IT Security Strategy

The most important aspect of any IT service is security. When a business utilises the services offered by an IT service provider, their records and transactions need to be beyond the grasp of any cybercriminals. Proper encryption must be put in place to ensure air-tight security. A complete assessment of your organisation’s systems and network must be carried out by the IT service provider to check for loopholes and backdoors. Cybercrime is a major threat faced by businesses today and hence, it is advised to hire professional IT service providers in order to guide your enterprise through the process of securing your network. Mentioned below are some critical steps one can take to ensure secure networks and protocols.

Get The Right IT Support For Your Accounting Firm.

Choosing the right IT Support for your accounting firm is an important decision. There’s a lot at stake. It’s hard to know who you should trust with your precious data. You have to choose wisely if you want your firm to grow and prosper.

The trouble is there are all sorts of IT companies offering all sorts of prices and services. As a busy accountant, it’s hard to find time to make the right choice.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive Guide for Accountants called:

“The Accountants Guide to IT Support Services and Fees.”

Smartphone Security

MDM Mobile Security Solutions

Physical office spaces are fast giving way to virtual workspaces where employees work from anywhere in the world on their own devices. Technology has allowed us to connect with people and data from all corners of the world and link our own devices with them.

On the flip side of this vast remote network is the increased risk of data getting into the worn hands. A phone that has access to a company’s client data in the cloud could become a potential security threat if lost. The new system requires additional security to counter these work environments. This is where MDM comes in.


Why Do You Need To Be Decisive And Act Quickly?

I attended an IT business conference in Nashville TN, where David Allen, best-selling author of “Getting Things Done”, conveyed the importance of being able to get the millions of ideas, to-dos, plans and actions out of your mind and into a system that you can trust on for getting it done, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate order. For years now, I’ve walked around with a pen and paper as a means of getting the random ideas and actions out of my head so I don’t have the stress of trying to remember them AND clearing my head so I can effectively work on the task at hand with my full attention, without having other to-dos on my mind.

But more importantly, his presentation underscored a trait of highly successful people: decisiveness.
Now I am no fun to go shopping with (what blokes are?). I don’t linger or wander. I decide if I want something and I buy it.